A foolish stag Story

A foolish stag Story
One hot summer day a stag went to a stream to drink water. He looked down. The water was neat and clean. Everything could be seen in it. The stag saw is a reflection in the water. It felt proud of it is beautiful horns. When it looked at its legs in the water he felt sorry and hated for thin and lean legs. In the meanwhile, he heard the barking of some hounds. It Ran as fast as it could. It looked behind. The hounds were too much for behind. Now it was passing through the thick forest. As it was crossing thick bushes it is horned was caught in them. It’s best to free himself but failed. It stood helpless. It was cursing it is beautiful horns. In no time the hounds came. They caught it and tore it into pieces. It is ugly legs helped it but it’s beautiful horns betrayed and cause its death.
Moral of the story:
  • All the glitters are not gold.
  • Appearances are often deceptive.
  • Pride hath a fall.


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