A friend in need is a friend indeed Story

A friend in need is a friend indeed Story
Two friend leaves in a village. There were fast friends. They professed great love for each other. They had sworn to help each other in the hour of need. One day they set out on a journey. They were led through a forest. While traveling there saw a beer coming to their side. It was so near that they could not run or hide. There was a tree nearby. One of them could climb but the other I did not know how to climb up a tree. He at once climbed up the tree leaving his friend on the mercy of the beast. The other friend fell down holding his breath. He pretended to be dead. The bear sniffed him and went away considering him as dead. When the bear disappeared the friend on the tree came down. He shook his friend and told him that the danger averted. He told his friend,
“What did the bear of the year say in your ear?” The other friend replied, “The beer told me that do not trust the friend who saves his life and leave you helpless.” 
Moral of the story: 
  • Beware of fare-weather friends. 
  • Do not trust our selfish friend. 
  • A friend in need’s a friend indeed.

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