Inventions and Discoveries

Inventions and Discoveries
This is an era of science. At every stage of our life today we depend on science. Science has blessed us with so many gifts. With the help of science, men have become the master of the whole universe; in agriculture, commerce, industries, communication household appliances, medicine, transport, and entertainment. In all departments of life, science and Technology have ushered us into a new era of hope and prosperity.

Man tries to find out the way to fulfill his needs with the help of science. Science is systematic knowledge and the man who uses this knowledge is called a scientist. We travel to a distant place by train. An engine, either a stream of diesel engine, pulls the train. The steam engine was invented by James Watt, a great scientist. Now, these streams and diesel engines have been replaced by electric engines. We can fly in the air like Birds. We can reach any part of the word within a few hours. Do you know who invented the aeroplane? The Wright brothers invented airplanes and made our long journeys fast and comfortable.

We cannot do anything without electricity. Next to air, water and food there come electricity which plays a vital role in our life. Alessandro Volta invented electricity. Electricity helps us in many ways it gives us light, it moves our fan, cook our food, runs our mills and factories etc.
Gugliemo Marchese Marconi, another great scientist, invented the radio and wireless. With the help of telephone and wireless, we can talk to anybody in any corner of the world. On television, we can watch a variety of interesting and informative programmes.
Dr. Martin Cooper has invented a mobile phone in 1973. On 3rd April 1973, the first cell phone was made by Dr. Martin Cooper himself. Today the mobile phone is a part and parcel of our life. It is an amazing way to keep it in touch with family and friends. You can send and receive text messages. You can take a picture or a short video. There are interesting games on mobile phones. It is truly amazing.
Science has made a great contribution to the field of medicine and surgery. Different medicine inventions have helped us to fight against deadly diseases. Most of the incurable diseases are now curable. Surgery has worked wonders. Kidneys can be replaced and hearts can be operated upon.
Scientists have made impossible tasks possible. This best world has been changed into a global village, because of science. But unfortunately, inspite of all these, science has not changed the basic attitude toward the problems of our lives. Super situation and false information appear in many areas of our social and economic life. By making science familiar among the common people, we can bring it into a new social order. Science should go deep into our social system and bring a positive change in our attitude towards life.

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