Our Villages Chapter No 2 For Student

Our Villages Chapter No 2 For Student
Hello Dear Students. Here you can read this chapter no 2. It will help you to learn knowledge. This post is about “Villagers Lives”. I hope you will enjoy it.
Our Villages
  1. Once Anjum’s father was very tired of his office work. He did not know what to do. His wife suggested him to take a few days’ leaves from his office and visit his parents in Noor Pur village. He would be refreshed by living in the village. After a few days, he would return home quite fresh to take up his work again.
  2. The next day on Anjum’s father reached the beautiful village Nurpur situated on the bank of a canal his parent were overjoyed to see him and his other relatives also gathered to welcome him.
  3. A village is a peaceful and quiet place. In a village, life is refreshing and inspiring because there is no traffic noise and congestion. Pakistan is the land of villages. Almost 70% of our total population lives in the village. The population of a big village may go to 5000 for 6000 but a small village usually has a population of about 2000.
  4. The villagers live in simple houses every village has Masjid where people offer prayers. Some of the smaller villages do not have electricity. The villages have green trees in and around their house is the trees provide shady sitting places in the summer afternoons.
  5. Usually, a small village does not have a hospital, high school, and post office. High schools are in nearby towns and large villages. Mostly people living in far off villages are not educated. A teacher of the village Primary School takes care of the postal needs of the villagers also read and write a letter to them.
  6. Most of the village has only one or two wells. Village women do the tiresome and duty of fetching water from these wells. They also work with their male family member in the field. Men are mostly farmers who do the work of sowing growing and harvesting crops. It is altogether a hard and tiresome work.
  7. The village has a ruler Health Centre where patients are checked and given medicines. A village normally has small shops situated here and there. For shopping in bulk, the villagers have to go to the nearest town.
  8. The village “Panchayat” works for the Welfare of the villagers and looks after the needs of the peoples. Tt helps the villagers by settling their disputes. It also helps in improving their working and living conditions.
  9. On the whole, the villages are simple people.  They live like a family. They share each Other joy and sorrow. Our villagers have retained their old traditions and Customs.
  10. Anjum’s father enjoyed his stay with his parents he came back to his home fully refreshed.
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