Television vs Newspaper

Television vs Newspaper

News coverage on television is different from reading newspapers. Newspapers were set up primarily to cover the news and they later added entertainment. On the other hand, television was invented primarily for entertainment and then became an effective news medium. Now television news has become a powerful rival for newspapers. Although these two mediums cover news effectively, there are distinct differences in how they are done.

Newspapers do not require us to sit in one place and read the news. Busy people can read papers at any time of the day. They can read the news that is important to them in the morning, and take the paper with them to read on the bus or van. They may choose to omit certain aspects of the news that they are not interested in.

On the other hand, television needs to be in a certain place at a certain time for its viewers to watch and listen to the news. If they are busy people, they will miss the news. They cannot choose to read it on the move or throughout the day. They also cannot choose which news they want to leave. One way would be to record it and watch it later. But the thing here is that it is not as convenient.

Television brings laziness in us. We can view the news with little or no effort since it is partially a form of entertainment. If we have leisure time, we can view the television news at any time of the day and night. It broadcasts the news as it is happening. Much mastery of language is not necessary for the people who prefer to view the news on television because everything is visual and auditory. A person with a basic knowledge of the broadcast language will be able to view and understand it. In comparison, a newspaper reader needs to be proficient in the language to understand it better.

Although television can give us the most updated news and views, newspapers can give us more in-depth coverage. Editorial and column writers can give us their expert views and analysis that we can digest slowly by reading them.

Many people also opt to read more than one newspaper a day so as to get a different viewpoint of the story and to check its validity. Readers can also give feedback to the articles by writing to the forum pages. Viewers of television news do not have this luxury as the news and use files to fast for any feedback to be relevant.

Each medium has a strength that the other does not. Each uses strong points that the other lacks. Television news is like eating fast food while reading a newspaper is like eating ten course food. Seems ideal, if one has time, both read the news and watch it on television.


The role of Print and Electronic Media in our life is very significant, we know the national and international news because of the media. Electronic media brings awareness. Print media also plays a vital role in this respect.

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