The farmer and his lazy sons

The farmer and his lazy sons
One there lived the farmer in certain Villages. He had four sons. They always quarrelled with one another. Their bad habits were a great cause of trouble for the old former. He longed to see them live in peace together, but they always his sons threw cold water on his hopes. He was very anxious to shake off their laziness. But he did not find such a chance, till he fell seriously ill. When he was at the point of death. He sent for his sons. When they came to his father, Father said, “My boy, there is a huge treasure hidden in our field. But I am sorry I cannot tell you the exact place where it is buried, for I do not remember it. You can find it if you try. “Saying this, the old farmer breathed his last.
After a few days, the boys decided to find out the treasure. He turned every nook and corner of the field to a great depth. But did not find the treasure. They cursed their dead father. But they did not know that their field has become very fertile by their thorough search of the treasure. They sowed the seeds and got very rice harvest. They sold it in the market and got immense wealth. This was the treasure referred to by his father for his boys. It was then that they realized how hard work pays in the long run, and they got rid of their laziness forever.
Moral of the story:
  • Self did, well done.
  • What is the mother of the industry?
  • Belly teaches all arts.

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