The Last Sermon of the Rasool Hazrat Muhammad SAW

The Last Sermon of the Rasool Hazrat Muhammad SAW
Islam covers all aspects of human life. It’s not only a religion but also a complete code of life how to live. Hazrat Muhammad is the last Rasool of Allah Almighty. At the occasion of performing Hajj, he delivered the last sermon on 9th Zil-Hajjah, 10 A.H. He addressed more the one hundred thousand companions and advised them to devote their lives for the service of Islam so that they might gain the glory of Allah Almighty. He taught them how to lead their lives according to the true spirit of Islam. In the sermon, he gave such guidelines to the Muslims and the entire humanity that aimed to improve their social, moral, personal, and political life. Here is the extract from the sermon:
In the sermon, he gave such guidelines to the Muslims and the entire humanity that aimed to improve their social, moral personal, and political life. Here is the extract from the sermon:
  • “All praise is due to Allah, so we praise him and apologize to him and we turn to him. We seek the refuge of Allah from our own evils and the evil consequences of our deeds. Whom Allah guides, there is no one to lead him astray; And no one is going to guide him whom Allah leads astray. I bear witness that there is no God, but Allah, the One, who has no companion. He has sovereignty and reasons for all praise for him. He gives life and causes death and is powerful over everything. There is no God, but Allah; He kept his promise and gave victory to his bondmen, and he alone (of the enemies of Islam) overcame the conflicts.
O’ People!
  • Listen to my words, because I do not know if we will meet again after this year and do Hajj. O ‘these people! Allah says, “O ‘people we have made you from a man and a woman and made you into tribes and countries, so that one may come to know each other.” In fact, in the sight of Allah, the most respected among you is the one who is the godliest. There is no superiority of an Arab over an Arab, nor is there any superiority of an Arab over an Arab; A white also has no white superiority, nor white has any superiority over a white – except piety and good deeds. Know that every Muslim is a brother to every Muslim and a Muslim builds a brotherhood. Nothing will be lawful for a Muslim who belongs to a fellow Muslim unless it was given freely and voluntarily, therefore, do not do injustice to yourself.
  • All mankind is the progeny of Adam and Adam was created out of clay. Behold; every clime of privilege whether that of blood or property, is under my heels except that of the custody of the Ka’bah and supplying of water to the pilgrims, O’ people of Quraish, don’t appear (on the Day of Judgement) with the burden of this world around your necks, whereas other people may appear (before the Lord) with the rewards of the hereafter. In that case, I can convince you against Allah.
  • Behold! All practices of the days of ignorance are now under my feet. The blood revenge of the days of ignorance is remitted. The first claim on blood was made in the name of Ibn Rabia bin Harith, who was kept in the group of Sa’ad and killed by Hudhayls. All interest and useless arrears arising from the time of ignorance were erased. And the first amount of interest that I withdraw is the one that Abbas ibn Abd-ul-Muttalib was supposed to receive. In fact, it is fully dispatched.
O’ people!
  • Verily your blood, your possessions, and your honor are sacred and violent until you appear before your God, because this day of yours, the holy of this month and the holy of this city (yours). In fact, you will soon meet your God and you will be held accountable for your actions.
  • Treat women step-by-step, as they are not supportive of you nor in a position to manage their affairs. Fear Allah concerning women, in fact, you have taken them on the protection of Allah and have made your people legitimate towards you by the words of Allah.
O’ people!
  • Allah, mighty and exaggerated, has assigned each one to his an assigned portion (of inheritance).
  • All debts must be repaid, all borrowed property must be repaid, gifts must be reclaimed and good losses must be done to ensure certainty.
  • Be careful! No one else is guilty but he himself is responsible. Neither the child is responsible for his father’s crime, nor the father is responsible for his child’s crime.
  • No person of his brother is lawful to a Muslim except what he gives voluntarily. So do not wrong yourselves.
O’ People!
  • Every Muslim is the brother of every other Muslim, and all the Muslims form one brotherhood. And your servant; See that you feed them with food that you eat yourself, and pair them with the clothes you wear yourself.
  • Verily, I have left among you, who will never let you wander, the Book of Allah, which if you keep fast you will never wander.
  • Behold! Worship your God; Offer prayers five times a day; Fast in the month of Ramadan; Pay Zakat (poor dues) easily on your property; And do a pilgrimage to the House of Allah and obey your rulers and you will be admitted to the Paradise of your Lord.
  • Let him that is present convey it unto him who is absent. And if you were asked about me, what should you say?” He answered,” We are witnesses that you have given the message (of religion) and discharged your ministry of Nabuwat and looked after us for our welfare.”
  • There Allah’s Rasool lifted his forefinger towards the sky and then pointing towards people said:
“O’ Lord: Bear Thou witness unto it.
“O’ Lord: Bear Thou witness unto it.”
  • The Holy sermon was delivered by the Rasool in the plain of Arafat, near the hill named Jabel-e-Rehmat. It can well be claimed as the first ever ‘Universal Charter of Human Right’. All the obligations of Islam have been precisely and beautifully mentioned therein.
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