The Rooster and the Fox

The Rooster and the Fox
There was a time when animals talked like people. Once near a field, a rooster sat on a branch of a tall tree. The morning sun was bright, the air was warm and the countryside was calm. The rooster felt so good, he began to sing. His song was not good but it was very loud.
The rooster saw a fox; it was coming from the forest. The fox heard the rooster. He stopped and looked up at the fat rooster. The fox was very hungry and he wants some food for breakfast. He thought the rooster would make a fine meal.
As we all know foxes are cunning, creatures, but they cannot climb up trees. He saw that he would have to trick the rooster to come down. He smiled up at the rooster. How nice to see you!’ He said. I am looking for a friend. Why do not you come down? We can have a nice friendly talk’.
Now the rooster was no food for the trickery. He knew exactly what the fox wanted. So he did not agree to come down. Instead, he said, ‘I know you won’t harm me. You just want to talk. But what if the Hungry wolf comes along? Or the lion? They might eat me up.’
  • I want to tell you something really amazing; said the fox.
  • The rooster looked. ‘what’s it?’ he asked.
It is an exciting news! There was a big meeting with the animals. Now we are birls and animals are friends now. They have agreed to live in peace. Mice can be friends with cats. Birds can be friends with foxes. Frogs can be friends with storks. No more eating each other! Peace has been made forever. So come down and let’s be friends.
That is wonderful news! said the rooster. And then his eyes green wider as he looked off into the distance. He seemed very excited by what he saw, and he craned his neck as if to get a better look. ‘What is it that you are looking for?’ asked the fox. ‘What do you see’?
‘More friends are coming’ said the rooster. ‘What do you see’? a big pack of dogs, running very fast. They will be here any minute! Perhaps we can all party!’
The fox’s smile disappeared for he had not imagined this turn of fortune. He took off on the run. Help! cried the fox. ‘I must go’. Do not go fox’, said the rooster. Why are you leaving me?’ Have you forgotten that we are friends now? Dogs want to talk to you.’
But the dogs have not to know the good news and the fox continued to run towards the distant hillside.
Fox come back! Let’s have peace with you’, said the rooster.
No, the dogs do not want peace with me; they want a piece of me! shouted the fox.

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