Traffic Population, Air Population, Water Pollution, Noise Pollution

Traffic Population, Air Population, Water Pollution, Noise Pollution
The population is the addition of any search constituent to air, water, or land which adversely alters and natural quality of the environment. The population is a serious problem in the modern age. With rapidly growing industries especially in developing countries, the problem is much greater.
After the scientific and industrial revolution, there has been an immense impact of man on the environment. Huge industrial area installation, the introduction of faster modes of transport, and spending of large crowded cities are the main outcomes of the modern times.
Kings off population
The population is the threat to life there are many kinds of population.
Air Population
Air population is a problem particularly for the people living in large cities or in the cities where there are many industries. The air above such places is filled with dust, smoke, poisonous gases and offensive odors. It, directly and indirectly, affects both plants and human life.
Air population can be controlled by the use of special devices in the factory to remove poisonous gases from the fumes before releasing them into the atmosphere. Gas, electricity and other sources of energy should be used instead of coal and other fossil fuels. Trees should be planted in cities and towns to reduce air pollution.
Water Pollution
Water pollution is dumped into rivers and lakes due to many household and industrial wastes. This may include dead remains of animals and plants that lead to bacterial growth, reducing the amount of oxygen dissolved in water. The polluted water damages fish and other aquatic life.
Sewage is another major source of water pollution. Many cities still continue to pour of there sewage directly into the river. This causes cholera, typhoid, and other diseases to the pollution which uses the water.
Water pollution can be prevented if the that remains of animal and plants are not released in the fresh water sources and the sewage is fully treated before releasing it into rivers or lakes.
Noise Pollution
Noise pollution is becoming an increasing problem in this age of machine inventions. Its major sources are the workshops, trains, automobiles, jet airplanes, high volume radio, and television transmission and loudspeakers.
Noise produces many harmful effects on our physical and mental health. It disturbs sleep and gives rise to many troubles. Sudden bursts of sound can cause acute damage to the eardrums and may cause temporary or permanent deafness.
In the modern age of industry and electronics, getting rid of noise pollution is almost impossible. However, there are ways and means to reduce the intensity of noise to a moderate level.

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