Traffic Sense

Traffic Sense
In large cities, hundreds of men, women and children die each year in road accidents. Accidents are mostly caused by our negligence. Someone walks on the road without looking out and be hit by a vehicle. Children playing in a busy street may not be aware of a fast approaching vehicle.
There will be fewer rod accidents if people on the road have traffic sense. The movement you leave your house you are at on risk. It does not matter whether you walk or ride a bike, motorcycle, or driver a car. Our actions and those of others on the road are responsible for our safety. You can reduce the risk by following a few simple rules.
  • Walk on the footpath.
  • Walk in the right margin of the road to be aware of the oncoming traffic.
  • Wait for the traffic to stop before crossing the road.
  • Wait at the zebra crossing.
  • Look right. then left. then right again before crossing the road.
  • Cross only when the road is clear.
  • Follow the traffic lights.
  • Keep to the left while cycling.
  • Do not ride a cycle on the main road.
  • Give a signal before turning.
  • Never run on the road.
  • When you wait for a bus stand in a queue.
  • Do not get in or off on a moving bus.
  • When on a bus, do not lean out of the door or window. You may fall or hurt yourself.
  • At a level crossing, never try to cross the railway track when the gate is closed.
Many big cities have traffic lights. Always obey traffic lights for road safety. If there is red light you must stop. When the light turns yellow you must get ready without moving your bicycle or vehicle. Move on, when the lights and green. Violation of these rules may cause serious accidents.

Many more traffic rules and road signs are there for you to develop a traffic sense. Some of them are given below. Read and understand the message they give.

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