What is Sports and Games?

What is Sports and Games?

Sports and Games improve our health. They build our bodies and refresh our minds they remove our boredom. They make us active and smart. 

Sports and games build our character. A good player plays the game in a Sporting spirit. He is always fair and just in his behavior. Warning or defeat has no meaning for him. He does not become proud if even he wins. He does not lose heart if he is the fitted defeated. He always follows the rules of the game.

There are two types of games, outdoor games, and indoor games. The outdoor games are cricket, hockey, and football. The indoor games are table tennis, carrom board, and playing cards. They give exercise to our mind and memory.

Cricket is very popular in our country. The cricket matches are watched by everybody on TV. The Hockey matches are also watched with great interest. They are full and thrill and suspense. The purpose of games and sports is to build the character of the players. A good player is a lover of mankind. When he goes abroad, he is a true ambassador of his country. He is free from ill will. He plays for the glory and honour of his nation. He plays for the glory and Honour of his nation. He is broad-minded. He plays with the team spirit. He is never selfish in his action. He obeys the discipline of the team. He is faithful to his captain. 
In the playground, he learns to be fair, just, and good. What he Learns in the playground makes him a good citizen.

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