Where is Maryam Nawaz? Where is Nawaz Sharif? How are you?

Where is Maryam Nawaz? Where is Nawaz Sharif? How are you?

Hello viewers, 
viewers, dear viewers, there was a time when a nation woke up and together with a few courageous people made a country and today, thank God, we are living a peaceful life in this country, friends, because of the political leadership, it seems so As if our country has become an orphan. Since the founder of Pakistan passed away, there has not been a single politician who has thought about the nation.

From the last half-century till now all the politicians who came to rule this country made money and built neighborhoods for their children and also built these palaces abroad so that this nation would not benefit from them.

With the money looted from the nation, big factories and big factories were also set up, but they did not do it in this country and abroad so that even if someone asked them in this country, they could not snatch it from them.

Dear viewers, today’s video is not in favor of anyone nor in support of any political leadership

Recently, many Pandora’s have opened in which Mr. Nawaz Sharif’s corruption has come to light

To which Mr. Nawaz Sharif denied and he decided to seek help from the people of Pakistan and called on the people of Pakistan to help him for his release and for the baseless allegations against him.

Nawaz Sharif’s call was about to be received that this nation decided to help Nawaz Sharif and flogged him indiscriminately that Nawaz Sharif was also the culprit of the nation but the nation denied all these allegations and Nawaz Sharif Decided to help the nation to be punished by law enforcement agencies.

Friends, the whole world has been locked down due to the recent outbreak of Coronavirus, which has also affected our beloved country immensely. Friends, today all those who responded to Nawaz Sharif’s call will know. I wanted to greet him at the airport and for them to eat wounds on their bodies, but unfortunately, after the release of Nawaz Sharif, Nawaz Sharif is nowhere to be seen today.

Because Nawaz Sharif knows that his turn is over, his political career is no more, so he has no use for rhetoric. He turned his back on this nation.

Nawaz Sharif would have turned away due to incompetence but his daughter Maryam Nawaz Sahib has also been released recently but he also did not issue any statement for this nation nor did he try to help anyone. Of

Speaking of Mr. Shahbaz Sharif, he also turned away saying that he has blood cancer due to which he is not in a position to help anyone or to go to the people and inquire about their condition.

Friends, these are the people who always claim that we live and die with this nation, we live and die with this soil, we belong to this country and we will live in this country forever. My question is that these people Why do we go out and not see the people of the country after that and the question from the people is how long will we continue to be fooled by these people and how long will the future of our children be at stake by trusting them? Will keep applying

On the other hand, if we talk about the present government, their existence is nowhere to be seen except for Mr. Imran Khan. Mr. Imran Khan, after a great deal of struggle on his part, promised to give Rs. Delivered on his promise in a transparent manner

Some loot the flour of this country and some hide the sugar and if the stomach is not full then the same hidden flour or the same will be hidden. The Chinese take the sub-city and sell it again to the same nation at high prices.

Friends, my question to you is how long will you continue to be fooled by such false politicians who think outside the future of their children and return you here and you return here in their hands and your children die here too. Yes, my friends, I hope you liked today’s video and learned a lot from it. We hope that from now on, you will check and support any party.

Those who do not deprive your children of the right to education who do not deprive your children of bread and sugar hope that you will like today’s video. Today you will definitely share this video with your friends and relatives. So that they also get some lessons. If you like other videos, please like the video. If you want to let us know your opinion, please let us know in the comments section. God is the Guardian

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